Find all the feels in this hide 'em up.

If you'd like to make the game easier or harder, try resizing the window and hit refresh. More emojis, more difficult.

Made by Rianna Suen of Games For Crows
with royalty free music from Bensound

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Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorGames For Crows
Made withp5.js, Processing
Tags2D, Casual, Colorful, emoji, hidden-object, Music, muzak, Non violent, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes


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Phew ! I did it ! I found all of them, it was quite hard and now I have the music stuck in my head, but great game !

Remember me of a mini-game in New Super Mario on DS, maybe you played it at the time ?

Anyway, thank you, maybe a peek of the number of emojis remaining could help to stay motivated, I wasn't sure the game was infinite or not ^^

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Music's great and relaxing. Lol on the third one, I was resting my mouse on it after spamming a few clicks for the fun sound, and didn't notice!

Gave up on 23.

lol nice! you were so close to the end tho, think there's 27 levels if i remember right


very nice! interesting growing difficulty

Thank you!!! Yeah it ramps up quite quickly!


Cool waldo game! Could have a timer for high scores. Or could be multiplayer to see who can find him first.

Thanks!!! Ooooh timer is a good idea!


this made my brain hurt! great!


Hahaha brilliant!


Really nice. Short enough for a coffebreak, but still entertaining. For some reason #14 was the hardest for me :D

Also no way to quit after winning the game, but that’s total nitpicking :D


Glad we could add some fun to your coffee break :D

A quit/restart button is a good idea!


Nice! I had a hard time with the surrounding hearts, cheated with help of program, sorry ;-) Now trying to find the one with the cheering hands, also quite hard. But nice effort! More fun than I expected!

Thanks!!! Yeah it does ramp up in difficulty pretty quickly. I find they're often hiding along the edges. Hadn't heard of, that's a really interesting hack!


Yeah, just a matter of zooming in and erasing the parts I'm sure it's not in ;)